Visual Parts Helper

A guide to Lego™ Parts. Each page focuses on a specific series of parts.

Printed Parts Vintage Named Beams shows you the wide variety of vintage text printed bricks Lego made. Includes translations, and set appearances. Choose a size below.
1 x 4 Beams 1 x 6 Beams 1 x 8 Beams Other Bricks
Wheels Visual Wheel Helper matches all known Lego rims with the tires that fit them. Links are included to individual part listings on Bricklink and Peeron. Lego is the largest producer of tires in the world, which is no surprise with this variety.
Flags Visual Flag Helper shows all known Lego country flags, plus other designs that have appeared on flags. Includes the early printed wavy flags, stickered flags, and modern square flags.
Trees Visual Tree Helper shows the history of Lego trees from the early flat painted trees, through the short-lived granulated trees, and finishing with modern trees.

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